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Your single point of accountability...

Leading projects of any size requires a special skillset.  With a diverse sets of internal and external stakeholders with varying interests, managing projects and personalities can be a challenge for anyone. Our team serves as the single source of accountability and the hub of the wheel, working collaboratively with all project stakeholders.

Rather than spending time coordinating organized chaos, you and your team remain focused on your mission while providing strategic insight along the way.

Recently a member of Effler provided a single-source solution for a large health system and one of their hospitals.  He organized and led the strategic planning, underwriting, land development, design, and pre-construction of a $195 million hospital expansion.  In the end the business plan, hospital proforma, design, and development budget all reconciled, leading to a swift capital project approval with the board of directors.  

Afterward, the health system CEO and executive leaders said, "This is how projects should be done."

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